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The recent decision by national government to allow a planning application for fracking – ignoring the wishes of local people and reversing the decision of Lancashire County Council – has made us more determined than ever to continue to speak out against this damaging and unnecessary industry.

Drop-ins and Pop-ups

Our current aim is to make people aware of fracking and the impacts it will have. We find that when people understand the scale of it, they are opposed to it. We raise awareness via ‘drop-in’ sessions in villages around the Wolds, where display boards give detailed information about how fracking might affect a particular community. We arrange to meet with and give presentations to parish councils. (The drilling companies do this too – their meetings are private, ours are open to anyone who wishes to attend. We believe in open debate!) We also inform people at our ‘pop-up’ stalls in towns and villages. We give out information in leaflets. Help with events like these is always appreciated, and you can sign up below to be kept informed of when and where these are. The more people attend, the stronger the message to government.

Speaking up

It is important that as many individuals as possible tell their representatives what they think about fracking. At the moment there are no specific planning applications in East Yorkshire to object to, so it can only be a general statement of your views. The planning applications are likely to come soon however, and this will be the time to make specific objections. Please write or talk to your parish councillors, town councillors, ward councillors and MP. If people say nothing, that will be seen as approval for fracking. See the blog post by Paul Tranmer on Effective Lobbying.

Parish Councillors – find contact details for your parish council here.

Driffield Town Councillors – find contact details here.

East Riding Ward Councillors (find out who yours are, and their contact details here)

Your MP – Gregg Knight’s contact details are here

Peaceful protest

We have already protested peacefully outside a meeting between Driffield Town Council and Cuadrilla, who hold the exploration licence for this Driffield area. We have also supported Frack Free East Yorkshire’s parade in Driffield to raise awareness. We will continue to have a presence wherever we think we can get our message across to people. The government and the drilling companies would love it if we gave up and went away. We won’t.

Help us to Record the Wildlife!

Planning Applications and Wildlife Recording

Before granting any application for oil and gas exploration, councils must consider the potential effect on all wildlife after considering an ecological report provided by the company. In past applications in East Yorkshire, there have been many gaps in the information supplied to the council because species are not regularly reported. For example, records of Barn Owl and Brown Hare, specially protected under the law, have been under-represented.

Can you help? In order to rectify this anomaly, volunteers are currently submitting records of all wildlife across the licensed areas. This should ensure that information concerning local wildlife does not slip through the net in future planning applications.

What you can do

We need your records of birds, wild flowers, fungi, mammals, insects, amphibians – anything of interest which the Planning Department should be aware of. If you are able to supply accurate information along with your name, dates and OS map references – or at least locations that can be pin-pointed on a map – you will be providing valuable information.

Even if the Government takes the decision out of the hands of local councils, the information is still important. It can be used in local media reports to inform the public about the adverse effects of fracking. There will be more scientific evidence available in the future if fracking should go ahead and we need to highlight a reduction of species in the affected areas.

Interested? You can find further information on how to record your sightings, and where to send them, here. 

Start wildlife spotting!

Energy Suppliersecotricity

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Join us!

You can sign up for regular updates below, and we would be delighted if you came to a meeting or an event! We have to fight this ourselves – no-one is going to do it for us.

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