Tips on Effective Lobbying

Lobbying is an essential part of the Frack Free Movement’s work to campaign against fracking both locally and nationally.

There are a couple of links below that bash on about ‘effective’ lobbying but at its best it is a tedious and teeth grinding process so patience is a very real virtue here. I find it is important to maintain a level of decorum throughout because the pendulum can swing both ways over either raising the profile of the campaign or zeroing it. It only takes one recalcitrant to tar the whole campaign.

Therefore, one should expect to be overlooked and ignored, and rise above the temptation to inundate them with countless emails and letters. I have worn this T-shirt on many occasions, and found the cause is best served by demonstrating degrees of patience even a Saint would struggle with.

You need to always be courteous, assertive and liberal minded in your approach. Then, when the moment arrives and you receive a response, don’t be dismayed or despondent if you don’t hear what you want to hear. I find when channels do open up it is space to develop a rapport. At best your argument will offer them food for thought, at worst you find out where they stand.

We are inclined to forget how MPs, MEPs, and Local Councillors tend to be sensitive to the opinions of their constituents (even if they or you do not see eye to eye). We are important to them and rightly so, and they should be receptive at least to what we have to say, but unfortunately not everyone is approachable. Sometimes it’s the nature of the beast. Because fracking is such a controversial and contentious issue, it is becoming more and more of a challenge not only for us but also for them; the only effective policy is not to give up. If you are hitting the proverbial brick wall, try the next official down. Or, do as I do send a blanket email to all the councillors – then use the person who responds as a medium.

Good luck.
Useful websites:

Amnesty International offers a rounded insight into lobbying.

This website The-Shg is more concise and detailed.

The following websites will aid you in contacting your local representatives:

Visit this web address Writetothem for information on local representatives
This also includes a facility where you can send an email to your MP directly.

MySociety is a very user-friendly site.

To be kept informed about what your MP is saying and doing in Parliament then Theyworkforyou will send updates via email.

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