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Images above: Patrick Bell

The landscape of Driffield and the Wolds is special. As well as being a beautiful, peaceful place to live, it is invoked to attract people to the area. The area is presented to tourists as being “peaceful, charming and full of character. With glorious, gently undulating hills, perfect for picnics, and picture postcard villages with landscaped gardens and ponds aplenty, this pretty stretch of Yorkshire countryside is not to be missed.” (1)   All of this is licensed for exploratory drilling.


A recent briefing paper in the House of Commons library clearly states: “the most important above-ground considerations for unconventional gas developments are the availability of sufficient land and water. Shale gas drilling leaves a large and comparatively invasive footprint on the landscape’ because of the large number of wells needed.” (italics ours) (2)  Future generations will not thank us for allowing the drilling companies to frack the Wolds.



Jake Jeacock


Mrs Jeacock


Gill Walls



(1) Author not given. (2016). The Wolds. Available: Last accessed 8th Oct 2016.
(2) IEA, World Energy Outlook 2009, Chapter 11, p415 quoted in: Helen Finlayson Elena Ares, Louise Smith, Matthew Keep (2016).Briefing Paper Number 6073, 27 September 2016: Shale Gas and Fracking. London: | | | @commonslibrary. 34.


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All wildlife and landscape images on this website were taken in the Yorkshire Wolds.